Live Performance at Jet Lounge in Houston

On Sunday, March 11, 2012 I had the opportunity to perform at the Jet Lounge in Houston, TX. Big thanks to King Dirty Talk for hitting me up to be in the lineup. Never thought when I did that collabo verse for him via youtube/email that I’d end up performing in a show with him in H-Town. The turnout was less than expected but we still had a great time.

I had a 25 minute set which included Boss Taylor and SHELLZ so we broke it down nice and proper. The vibe was great and the energy was high so regardless of the small audience we performed like it was an arena show. Check out the video below for a recap. If you weren’t at this show then please get yourself out to the next one!

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Big Hush

Guest Appearance At The Victory Grill

So what do you do when you have $57 in the bank account and your good friends Boss Taylor and Shellz ask you to do a couple verses in their show in Austin? You put $50 of gas in the Dodge and head out.

If you’re not familiar with the B-Town Crew and it’s members I suggest you visit the free music page. Bawsmann, now known as Bawstay or Boss Taylor, and Shea Shelton now known as SHELLZ had a set in a show hosted by the historic Victory Grill in Austin, TX. Even Jodi Pharoah aka J. McKinley rounded up with us to provide some great photo and video work and capture the scene. We had 4 of the 6 members of BTC together for the first time in at least 5 or 6 years. So the Victory Grill wasn’t the only thing historic about this.

Big Hush, Jodi Pharoah, Shellz, Andi, Boss Taylor, T
The Crew at Victory Grill in Austin

Boss Taylor took the stage around 9:15pm and kicked the night off right. His set began with “Here to Break It Down REMIX” which set the energy level high. I of course was on the tail end of that one then jumped back off stage to grab some digital shots of the action.

Unfortunately you can’t anticipate how the equipment is going to work. But the show must, and does, go on. All of the mics began having issues, popping and cutting out. After about 2 or 3 songs there was only one good mic left and even it was having some minor popping. But SHELLZ and Boss worked like champs and made due with what they had. Sharing is caring afterall. They wrecked that remaining mic and even let me break it off a little at the end of the set. I have a verse on a song called “Texas” produced by SHELLZ. So we closed out the set with the same trio that opened it.

Big Hush at The Victory Grill
Just Doin' My Thang

The crowd was loving every minute of it. I would guess there were at least 50 or 60 heads in there and with the size of the place being what it was that meant it was almost a full house. Everyone was bobbing heads and feeling the music regardless of any mic issues. J made sure some Big Hush t-shirts were put in hands so maybe there are a few new fans in the ATX.

I had a great time and I owe a huge thanks to Boss and SHELLZ for letting me be a part of their set! Can’t wait to go back to Austin and do it again. Only next time I’m not driving back home at 3 in the morning.

Hit up my facebook page to see more photos from the night!

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Big Hush – Daisy Dukes Show Recap

Well my performance at Daisy Dukes (College Station, TX) on Sept. 11th came and went in a flash. I had a blast performing even if it was in front of an empty bar. I only had ten minutes to do my thing so I just had fun with it. Big shout out to AJ, G-Bird, Abbie, Shea, Pedro, Alli and Peggy for showing up to support me! I collected some of the footage in a YouTube video for you to see (below). I don’t care if it’s one person or 1,000 in front of me I’m going to perform like it’s the last show I’ll ever do. I definitely took notes from Justin Wilson and Shawn Noize on what a following should look like. They were rockin’ the stage to some good size crowds. Big thanks to Thank Tank Promotions for letting me be a part of the show. Talk to y’all after the next one!

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Big Hush

Full Footage from Feb. 19th Show!

Ladies and gents I finally got my lazy ass around to editing the footage from the most recent live event. So Check it out! Parts 1 and 2. I’m mad though, I had to chop them down a bit due to YouTube’s 15 minute time limit on videos. So I lost the part where the crowd was singing “When I’ll Get My Sleep” with me, and it was awesome. Ah well, the rest of it is all there so sit back, relax and watch. For those of you that didn’t go to the show you better go to the next one!! I won’t always post the entire thing online so you’ll have to see it in person or miss it forever hahaha. Thank you everyone that came out and anyone that watches the videos.

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Part 1

Part 2

Feb. 19th Show Went Great

Well last night’s show was an all-around success. Had a lot of fun, met some artists and jammed some real B/CS rap music. Big shout out to Shawn Noize, SHELLZ, 1402 Boys and Justin Wilson for killin’ their sets. And thank you to Unleashed MMA for hosting the event. Be sure to check them all out online! I had a blast performing for a pretty good size crowd that turned out. This was the first show where I pulled out the ol’ “When I say Big, y’all say Hush” bit and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard lol. Thank you everyone that came out to support the music. This will hopefully just be one of many so if you didn’t go last night then make sure you go to the next one! Here’s a couple of photos but if you want to see the rest just go to MY FACEBOOK PAGE and check out the album!

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-Big Hush

1402 Boys

Shawn Noize


SHELLZ, Big Hush and Bawsmann

Big Hush Live

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