ATQO Now Available in B/CS Hastings!

The new album, Always The Quiet Ones, is now available in both Bryan & College Station Hastings Entertainment stores. Only $8.99 in CS and $7.99 in Bryan (Obviously they do math a little differently on either side of the dividing line). But that means you can get the new album for less than $10!! No excuses, go get a copy today and tell your friends!!

Or just visit iTunes or to buy your copy.

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

New Album – Always The Quiet Ones Available June 14th!

Well it feels like it has taken an eternity but my new album “Always The Quiet Ones” is finally ready to be unleashed! I’ve all ready built a custom ordering page that includes previews for every song as well as lyrics. PLUS there will be 5 FREE downloads on the page and a couple of music videos from the album. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this one and I’m praying that this will be the album that does something really special.

So mark your calendars and set aside a few dollars for the best Big Hush album you’ve ever heard!!! ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES coming Tuesday, June 14th!!!

Stay in Chillmode,
-Big Hush

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