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Big Hush – Sin Decir Nada

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Big Hush – Sin Decir Nada Instrumental

Now here’s the story…it has always seemed like upbeat rap songs with absolutely no content, and nothing to say, make huge waves in the popularity pool. So this is my experiment. I created an upbeat, catchy song with little content and I want to see what happens with it. This stemmed from a friendly bet I have going with a friend and turned into a song that just might work for it.

The song itself is an inside joke to the bet as well. The chorus is “Sin Decir Nada” which is Spanish for “Without Saying Anything.” And the intro dialogue is “Voy a hacer esta canción un éxito sin decir nada” which is Spanish for “I’ll make this song a hit without saying anything.”

If you want to call me a sellout, don’t bother. This song is a free download and I don’t plan on making an album loaded with dance songs anytime soon. Meaning I’m not making a dime off of this little diddy and my next album will have the same Big Hush as the others.

But let this post be proof that this is a pre-meditated experiment, if this song blows up then you know that. If it doesn’t then it’ll just be another track added to the Homemade Hit list. I’ll be honest I’m extremely proud of the verses, I’ve never written anything that moves that fast and content or not, that is hard to do. Take it for what it is, don’t think too hard, and sit back to watch the experiment play out with me.

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

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