Music Video – I’m Around

This song is from my latest album, Perseverance. I have to admit that this is in my top 3 from the album. The energy of this song is crazy and SHELLZ once again came through like a champ to deliver verses I honestly had trouble competing with. It seems like every time me and him team up its certain to be a banger. Originally my plan was to repeat my part of the hook twice and that would be the whole chorus. However, once SHELLZ laid his vocals there was an ad-lib portion where he was just screwing around saying the “I’ma-ruh I’ma-ruh” part. It was too good to chop out so I threw it in the hook and BAM, pure gold. Me and him have been making music together for over 10 years now. 10 YEARS. Been rapping together since high school. So this song was especially fitting for both of us in the fact that neither of us are willing to give up the music and we will always be around when everyone else is resigning.

The video was a blast to shoot. Another rapper we’ve been making jams with for over a decade, Boss Taylor (the third guy you see in this video), helped us out by working the camera for a lot of these shots. We’re all Bryan High alumni so when we saw the Viking wall we knew we had to take advantage of that location. The other shots were done at Tanglewood Park in Bryan and Blinn College parking lot. My favorite shot is the one of me and SHELLZ back-to-back as the camera cruises around us. We’ve had eachother’s backs in this rap game for so long now and that shot really put that into visual form.

I hope all of you love this one as much as I do! If you like it then please buy the song on iTunes or Amazon and share this video with your friends.

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

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