Slow Nights. Fast Food. Available Now!

Well it felt like it took years but the album is finally finished and in stores for all of you to purchase! I put in almost a year of work on this album and I couldn’t be more proud of the final result. There are 17 songs on here with pretty much something for everyone. Please get your copy now and jam the music while you spread the word!!



Hard Copy

New Album In The Works

I’m excited to get the newest album completed and in your hands. The title is Slow Nights. Fast Food. which is pretty much a nod to the ingredients of a perfect night for me and fuel for making music. There is nothing I love more than staying up until the early hours of the morning, nursing a tall drink I got from a drive-thru window, and putting together new songs. Every late night studio session benefits from this formula. I want the album to be a feel-good collection of songs that will give you a good vibe on a slow night, but I’ll definitely throw in some real talk too. As I write this I am roughly 50% done with the album, so there’s still plenty left to do. I’m working as hard as I can to get it done as soon as I can, so just be patient with me. In the meantime I ask that you check out all of my other music on YouTube and iTunes and jam those until the new album arrives. Until then…

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

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