Z-Ro – From The South (Acoustic Remix)

I’ve done a few of these remixes in the past. I can play guitar (basic strumming that is), so sometimes it’s fun to go the opposite direction with my favorite rap songs by making an acoustic/kinda-singing remix instead of rapping to it. I don’t pretend that this is high quality work, but I make it for the fun of making it and doing something different. Hope you get a kick out of it.


  Z-Ro – From The South (Acoustic Remix)

Numb/Encore (Big Hush Remix)

I know this song is old but I’ve wanted to do my own thing to it for years. A little while back I finally sat down and cranked out a verse. I was mostly proud that I made it through the whole thing in one cut though it took a few takes to make that happen. Check it out and download it for free!

  Linkin Park & Jay Z – Numb/Encore (Big Hush Verse) [10/31/13]

Welcome To The Presentation Remixes

Ok, I’ve heard enough rappers tell me they can do a better job than me reppin’ the city. Now’s your chance! Whether you hate how I did it or just want to put your own spin on it, let’s hear how YOU rep Bryan College Station Texas and the 979!! I want to hear what presentation you would give an outsider. Please post your remix as a VIDEO RESPONSE to the YouTube video below so we can have all the remixes in one spot. This is for love of the B/CS so no hating in your track!

Download (right click the song title and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”:

Welcome To The Presentation Instrumental w/Hook

Here’s the YouTube video to respond to

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