Music Video – Battering Ram

This song is the hidden track on Always The Quiet Ones. I’m not telling you where it’s hidden so please just buy the album to find out lol. The concept is simple: the Battering Ram that I hold is my music, and every song or album I make is just another swing against the door of the rap game.

I know I’m not a perfect artist or even a great one, but I feel like I improve with every project. I feel like I just keep on making impact with the Rap Game door and eventually that thing is going to give way and let me in (“Yeah it took a few ‘hits’ but the wood is split”). This is where persistence pays off as well, I’ve seen so many people say they want to be rappers. They try for a bit and eventually give up when things don’t materialize quickly (“Hell I’ve been standing outside for so long, all the other people in line have gone home.”). There’s also the matter of being so deep in this pursuit now that I’m not going to turn back until something big happens (“I done worked too hard, done too much, I’m not giving up spreading Big Hush”).

The video was a blast to make. This one was the first video I’ve made with an actual concept and story that plays off the song. Big thanks to Cranium Boy yet again for helping me plot the video and film it. Not to mention his role as the Rap Game that’s trying to keep me out. We couldn’t think of a better way to show that he was the Rap Game so at the last second we wrote “Rap Game” on his t-shirt with a sharpie lol. Hey, it worked. One thing we were both proud of was the “Oh I see what they did there” moment at the end when I put the chair back under the door knob. This was to imply that now that I’m in the Rap Game I’ll have to defend my place against the next artist coming up to takeover. Enjoy the video, download the album, spread the word!

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

Music Video – I Work For It

Well here’s numero uno in a new series I’m starting called “Song, Video, Story.” I want to kind of breakdown my songs so you can get in my head a little bit and understand more about the music and where I’m coming from. Then you can watch the video, lol.

This song is called “I Work For It” from my album “Always The Quiet Ones.” If you’ve listened to ANY of my music then you know by now I’m a working man. I put in my 40 hours a week just like everyone else and I try to make this rap career happen in the extra hours leftover (“I’m a working man by day, and a rapping man by night”). The bulk of this song is dedicated to that, working for a living and surviving paycheck to paycheck (“I’m on that payday hustle, you can laugh but I make my dough”). But it also applies to my attitude toward everything I do, because I work hard for anything that I need or want.

The hook is very simple and it was supposed to be, I wanted it to be a plain and simple anthem that summed things up in one sentence. It was also a way to just stick it in the face of everyone that thinks you can’t be a normal working stiff and make rap music (“Let me see respect get shown, for every single person on the job”). So it’s partly my aggravation toward the stereotype that somehow still exists, which paints all rap music as a “street hustlers only” world.

But this song is for everyone. Blue collar, white collar, hustlers, strippers, cashiers, waiters…EVERYONE that works for what they have (“Any angle, any avenue, if it’s something I can do then I do it for the revenue”).

So that’s it. As far as the video goes we were granted access to a pretty badass location under a building on the campus of Texas A&M University for those underground shots. As usual the one and only Cranium Boy provided some great camera work and even some acting (notice how well he throws water at cameras). My favorite part is the time lapse sunset at the beginning, I filmed that down on the Seawall in Galveston, Texas. Oh and fyi, all of my videos are shot with an HD flip cam. So if you’re impressed then there ya go, if NOT then there ya go! That’s it for this SVS. Look out for the future ones to come and enjoy the video!

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

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