Do you have the Big Hush Spirit?

If you watched one of my “How to Improve Your Spirit Halloween Jason Mask” videos and then bought and upgraded your own Spirit Halloween mask, please submit a photo of the mask below! Please make sure your photo is taken with good lighting and a steady hand (no blurry shots!). Also, landscape (horizontal) orientation is preferred.

All usable submissions will be included in the first ever Big Hush Spirit video on YouTube!

Big Hush Spirit

Maximum file size: 10MB

Please upload the best photo possible! Good lighting and a steady hand will make your artwork look sharp.
Terms & Conditions
By checking this box I understand that my name and photo, if chosen, will be used in a video for the "Big Hush" YouTube Channel. This video may or may not produce Google ad revenue, to which I understand that 100% of any ad revenue belongs to the channel owner, and I am not entitled to any financial compensation.
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