Big Hush featured on KBTX news

Big Hush featured on KBTX

Wow, I never thought I’d see the day that this happened. Thanks to the DJs over at Candy 95 playing “Welcome To The Presentation” so much, I was contacted by KBTX. Shane McAuliffe emailed me and asked about getting an interview so of course I said yes. Click here to read the whole thing and see video. I thought it went really well and it has resulted in a lot of attention on the YouTube and Facebook pages.

Click here to download “Welcome To The Presentation” for free.

I owe all of it to Emo Sarah, Niblett, Frito & Alli, and Elizabethany from Candy 95. Without them playing the song then it would be just another Big Hush vid with 200 views at it’s peak, lol. I’ve worked day and night on this music for 11 years and never had exposure like this. I love my city and that’s why I made this song, it’s clear now that my city can love me back and I’m so grateful! Thank you to everyone that is supporting me, this song, and this music. If you’re a hater then just make your own B/CS anthem and go to work. My focus is on fans.

Stay in Chillmode,
Big Hush

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