Music Video – I’d Rather Be a Lone Star

This video comes pretty late but as the saying goes, “better late than never.” The song is “I’d Rather Be a Lone Star” from my 2013 album Perseverance featuring Boss Taylor and SHELLZ. We shot this video back in 2013, but I didn’t realize until we were done just how prominent the wrinkles were in my brand new, giant Texas flag. I had tried everything to smooth it out and apparently I still fell short. Anyway, I waited and waited hoping we’d get a chance to re-shoot the flag scenes, but that never happened. I finally decided to just finish the edits and put this one out regardless of my OCD about the wrinkled flag. Hope y’all enjoy it and share it!

-Big Hush

Music Video – Do It Cuz You Love It

Probably my favorite song on the Slow Nights. Fast Food. album, this is the music video for “Do It Cuz You Love It.” The message is pretty clear (I hope): do whatever you do because you love it, nothing else. I’m as guilty as anyone of sometimes losing sight of why I do the things I’m most passionate about. You start to think that it’s not worth the time and effort if there is no money in it, or that perhaps the haters are right and no one will ever appreciate what you’re doing. The bottom line is that if it makes you happy then you should do it. Do it right now while you’re able and into it. The video was a fun impromptu shoot. I was in Galveston on a day trip with ol’ G-Bird, had a camera and figured “why not shoot a video while we’re here?” I had to buy a cheap change of clothes once I decided I would stand waist-deep in the gulf for this thing. The water was rolling pretty good that day so standing up straight and rapping at a fixed point was pretty difficult. Hopefully I’m the first rapper to ever film a music video while standing in the Gulf of Mexico…

Music Video – Have To for the Want To

Here is the music video for “Have-To for the Want-To” from Slow Nights. Fast Food. Easily in my top 3 favorite songs from the album. Thanks to a borrowed camera from J-Bo, this is the highest quality video I’ve ever made. If I can save up the money to get the same camera he has then I would love to have this quality for the rest of my vids going forward. Dewski made this song possible with his powerful guitar skills, but he’s also a drummer, so even though I did the drums in FL Studio I decided it’d look much cooler to have him play them in the video. We had a ton of fun shooting this and I hope we collaborate again in the very near future. Huge thanks to Dewski and his brother J-Bo for making this one happen!

Music Video – Blow My Top

This is the music video for “Blow My Top” from Slow Nights. Fast Food., which is basically a song about going stir crazy. I had fun making the video and I think it was number 1,570 on the list of music vids shot in my tiny one-bedroom apartment. For such a small place I sure managed to film a lot of stuff in there. I’m not a social guy. If I’m not at work then I’m at home making music or killing time with TV/Internet/Porn/Etc. I came up with the spur-of-the-moment idea to pour milk on my cereal in a ridiculous fashion. I figured I needed something to entertain you folks since the scenery is the same as so many other videos I’ve made. Enjoy!

Music Video – Texas A-V-E

Here’s the first music video from “Slow Nights. Fast Food.” This song is called “Texas A-V-E” and if you’ve ever lived in Bryan/College Station, you know how important this road is. Ever since I was old enough to drive I’ve loved cruising Texas Avenue. Not because there are a bunch of hot spots popping off all the time, but because it’s one long, main drag between the twin cities. It makes for a simple drive and I always use it as an excuse to get out of the apartment when I’m going stir crazy, or just to clear my mind if needed. This song has a similar sound to “Welcome to the Presentation” only I’m shouting out streets this time instead of businesses. I’ve always loved making songs about the experience of living in B/CS and I’m so proud of how this one turned out. I was especially happy with how well the High School and College names came together in the third verse.

I had this track ready to put on “Perseverance,” but I did a fan-vote for track selection on that album and this one wasn’t picked. Huge thanks to G-Bird for driving while I got footage from the passenger window, and SHELLZ for filming me during my verses. I wish we had picked a less humid night to roll with the windows down! Editing this vid was a beast. I accidentally shot WAY too much footage and spent two days trying to condense the best stuff into 4 minutes. There are a ton of other signs/places I could’ve thrown in if there was room. This one is for my fellow 979ers! If you cruise Texas Avenue then I hope you’ll blast this from your speakers while you do it!

Music Video – Anytown, USA

Anytown, USA is just a fun track from Perseverance about basically being able to go anywhere and do what I do best. So far I’ve been to a few different cities to perform and I left it all on the stage each time. My favorite part of the song is the use of sound effects, especially the Mortal Kombat clip. At first I only had the can opening sound at the end but thought it’d be cool if I incorporate a few sounds throughout the entire song. The video was a blast to shoot. Patty Melt (of the B-Town Crew), who I’ve known for over a decade now, said he was down to dance like a crazy man for 3 minutes so I took him up on the offer. We went over to the Bryan Civic Auditorium one Saturday morning and just did the usual approach of film making guerilla style. No real plan, no script. I think it turned out great and did exactly what I wanted it to do which is put a smile on people’s faces. Check it out and please share it with your friends.

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