Anytown USA

Music Video – Anytown, USA

Anytown, USA is just a fun track from Perseverance about basically being able to go anywhere and do what I do best. So far I’ve been to a few different cities to perform and I left it all on the stage each time. My favorite part of the song is the use of sound effects, especially the Mortal Kombat clip. At first I only had the can opening sound at the end but thought it’d be cool if I incorporate a few sounds throughout the entire song. The video was a blast to shoot. Patty Melt (of the B-Town Crew), who I’ve known for over a decade now, said he was down to dance like a crazy man for 3 minutes so I took him up on the offer. We went over to the Bryan Civic Auditorium one Saturday morning and just did the usual approach of film making guerilla style. No real plan, no script. I think it turned out great and did exactly what I wanted it to do which is put a smile on people’s faces. Check it out and please share it with your friends.

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