New Album Artwork Finished

Slow Nights Fast Food Big Hush

I finally finished the artwork for “Slow Nights. Fast Food.” and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I employed SHELLZ as a photographer one Friday night and we scoured Bryan to find the best setting. My original idea was to have me sitting alone in a fast food spot and the photo be taken from outside looking in. Unfortunately in a college town it’s hard to find a fast food restaurant that is empty, doesn’t have ads all over the windows, or has the right lighting/setup. Eventually we scrapped that idea, but Dairy Queen on E. 29th would’ve been perfect if it wasn’t crowded at the time. Another plan was to incorporate the giant “HOMEMADEHITS.COM” I have stuck to the back windshield of my truck. We went to the new parking lot that was built by Blinn College because the lights seem exceptionally bright over there. I posted up in the back with an empty Whataburger bag, full drink, and a pen & pad. After many shots and poses we had exactly what was needed. I got home, picked out the right pic, and went to work in Photoshop. The original photo had just a black sky behind me, so I thought it needed an extra touch of a starry sky to really sell the “slow nights” vibe I wanted. After that I just cleaned up the photo a bit and adjusted the contrast/saturation/etc. before finding a killer font for the title to top it off. Now I just need to finish the music.

-Big Hush

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