New Spring/Summer Project Idea

Ok so here’s what I’m thinking. Usually once I finish an album I don’t venture back to it for a long time. I’m always looking for the next track or album to work on, so the most listening I’ll do to any body of work is done while I’m working on it. That being said, once I do pull out an old album and listen to it I usually find more flaws and errors on my part than I remember having when I made the music originally. I was jammin’ Str8 From Bryan Tx today and while I’ll forever be proud of the work, I realized my 100% back then is nowhere near my 100% now (check out the FREE MUSIC page to see what I mean). That’s naturally going to happen if you work on something long enough, you change, grow and improve. So I’m thinking that during and after working on my latest album (Always The Quiet Ones), I’m going to begin the process of re-recording and mixing Str8 From Bryan Tx. If nothing else it will be a cool experiment to see how my delivery and production has changed in the past 5 years. The beats and lyrics will all remain the same. So keep an ear open for the work. Again, this is not a pressing thing and I have no timeline for it, but it starts now. So as I finish re-working these tracks I’ll post them here on the site for all to download. And THAT is what we’ll call the Spring/Summer Project of 2011.

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