Order Up: Gonna Find You

Here’s a song from “Slow Nights. Fast Food.” all about that hunt for love…

The cool thing about this one is that it started on guitar. I like to strum any chance I get, and one night I decided I wanted to write a song that I could play on my acoustic. My plan was to use the guitar in the song itself, but I liked the piano sound better once I started putting the instrumental together. BTW if you play, the chords are: C, G, Am, F, C, F, G (repeat)

I’ve only been in one serious relationship in my life. It lasted a few years and was the greatest thing that ever happened to me until it became the worst. Unfortunately I still think about it a lot because I haven’t found a new relationship to replace that one in the ol’ memory bank. I already made the bitter love song, so now I wanted to make a song that was a little more light-hearted and focused on the search process.

I’m a guy that’s looking for a wife and the whole “American Dream” situation. I love the freedoms of being single, sure, but the loneliness of it makes me forget what the perks are. I would much rather have a girl to look at when I come home rather than reruns of The King Of Queens. Besides, I’m not a wild guy. It’s not like I need to be single so I can hit the clubs or bang as many chicks as I can. Don’t get me wrong, if a booty opportunity presents itself then I’m all for it, but I’m no player.

Everything mentioned in this song is 100% fact. The only thing I left out is a list of my online dating accounts and the winks I’ve received from girls who look NOTHING LIKE THEIR PROFILE PICTURE!! When it comes to dating I’m way too picky for those sites to work anyway. You can’t give a guy like me that many search filters to use or the results will be few. Anyway, the first girl I reference in this track is the one from the serious relationship (mentioned above), who I haven’t spoken to since we split years ago. I assume she’s living her dream right now, but I have no clue. She’s the only girl in the song I have any negative vibes for. All the others that I mention are A-OK in my book. I have no ill will toward any of them, it just didn’t work out for us. In fact, most of them found great relationships after me, so I’m glad I wasn’t in the way for too long. One of them found out I referenced her and thinks it classifies her as a “wainch.” Lol. She couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, I didn’t even know what the hell a “wainch” was until she said it. I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS ONE. I still think they’re all beautiful in more ways than one and deserve only the best that life has to offer.

As for me, I’ll keep searching for my other half. If you’re out there I hope you know that I’m gonna search high, I’m gonna search low, I’m gonna find you. Oh, and that I’m willing to go Midnight Scuba Diving on a nightly basis.


(Verse 1)
I thought I had my soulmate, but I really didn’t
I guess Mrs. Perfect is really well hidden
They say we’ve all got one, I’m tryin’ to find mine
I’m not Lil’ Flip, but I’m lookin’ for my sunshine
There’s a lot to be said for being single, sure
But there’s a lot more to say about a girl like her
That’s the one I see inside my mind when I sleep
Gotta leave it up to God to decide when we meet
Though I’m tryin’ to help, do some searchin’ myself
Maybe open up shop and put my heart on the shelf
Momma told me that the right one’s out there
She didn’t mention that the wrong ones don’t care
And they’ll break you down, smile and walk
Laugh and carry on like it ain’t their fault
Well that’s OK cuz I can find a better offer
And at the risk of soundin’ like a stalker…

I’m gonna search high, I’m gonna search low, I’m gonna find you
I thought I had you once before, turns out I was wrong
So I’m gonna search high, I’m gonna search low, I’m gonna find you
I’m ready to have that rendezvous, the wait’s been way too long
So I’m gonna find you…

I’m lookin’ for my baby, lookin’ for The One
I’ve been around the bases, I’ve had a lot of fun
But not the whole picture, I want the total package
Until I find that then my life is kind of lackin’
Enough time passes, you start to feel the doubt
That you’ll get there before the lights turn out
I’m all about tradition, an age-old vision
Man and his wife tag-teamin’ decisions
Takin’ the kids fishin’, that kind of thing
That’s the situation that was fit for a king
But first thing’s first locatin’ a keeper
And scopin’ out the talent without bein’ a creeper
Beauty is the easy part, those are all around
Personality is where we narrow it down
Just holler out loud for a man to impress you
And I’ll be comin’ runnin’ to the rescue…


I’ve met the kind of girl where it goes real well
And out of nowhere she decides she wants to bail
I’ve met that girl that says “I really want you.”
But seems to refuse to breakup with the other dude
I’ve met that girl that is absolutely down
IF she didn’t live two hours out of town
And I met that girl where we get along great
But just as friends “I don’t think we should date.”
It’s the way it goes, you won’t win if you don’t play
And it’s a two lane road not a one-way
I’ll go Sherlock Holmes until I find that match
Have me starin’ through a magnifyin’ glass…


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