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Well my 2013 album “Perseverance” dropped last month and I’m very excited that you all are finally getting to hear it. I put so much work into this, and just like every album before it, I’m hoping it’ll be a wide spread hit. I took a different approach this time around (thanks to Cranium Boy’s suggestion) and only put 15 songs on the album. This was out of 22 songs I had ready to go. The idea was that I put the best of those 22 on this project, then use the rest as a head start on the next project. Usually I feel like I should pile everything I made onto one album to give YOU more for your money, but quantity doesn’t always create quality.

One of my favorite songs is “Where’d The Money Come From” which is about the typical struggle to manage money when you don’t have enough of it.

One of the songs that is already getting heavy rotation from my brother is a fun one about being able to step into any town in the country and do what I love to do…rap.

SHELLZ and Boss Taylor were kind enough to help me with a few songs again as well. One track that gets me amped up every time I hear it is “I’m Around” which me and SHELLZ put together.

These are only a few of what I feel are all incredible songs. I couldn’t be more proud of this album and I want you to buy your copy right now so you can enjoy it to. Preview the entire thing at Soundcloud before you buy it on Amazon, iTunes, or right here at

Thank you all for your continued support. Please spread the word!

Big Hush

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