Order Up: Slow Nights. Fast Food.

Alright I thought I’d kick off this “Order Up” series with the title track. What I plan to do is post every M/W/F with a song from my album Slow Nights. Fast Food. and give the full breakdown of what inspired the song, making-of stuff, lyrics, etc. BTW, if you see any text that’s linked then click on it! It means the link will explain what I’m talking about. Here we go…

“Slow Nights. Fast Food.” is simply a feel-good track all about the process I use to create music. Ever since I started making music it has always worked best as a night time process for me. We all know there’s a more exciting vibe in the air when it’s night out. You almost feel like anything can happen and that is the exact mindset any artist should have when creating something. I’m known among my friends as an avid Whataburger man. That is my default, always. There are two reasons for this, 1. They have the greatest fast food ever made, 2. They are a proud Texas-based company. This should explain my inspiration for the album artwork as well. I wanted to make sure that my favorite spot was featured prominently, haha.

The album title came before this track was created. Originally I wanted to call the album something with “Whata-sized” in the name, but I figured I could get in legal trouble for that. So then I thought about using “Fast Food” in the title and came up with the “Slow/Fast” play by adding “Slow Nights.” The hook came so naturally once I had those four words in my head. This beat just matched up perfectly with it, then I wrote two verses and hit up A-Breezy to fill in the third gap for me. Luckily he was down to do it and he knocked it out of the park. I went to him because he has a very distinct voice and delivery, and he came through with flying colors for me previously on the “Here To Break It Down Remix.” My favorite part of the song is the intro with the Whataburger girl on the intercom confirming my order. I simply stuck my camera out the window while I placed an order and ripped the audio from it later. Not only does it set the tone for the song perfectly, but I felt it set the tone for the album perfectly. It lets you know to just relax and enjoy this album for what it is, which I hope you did. BTW, Number 5 is always my standard, but I’m a huge sucker for the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich.


(Verse 1 Big Hush)
My attitude is chill I keep my demeanor mellow
That’s the way I’ve gotta feel cuz I’m just that kind of fellow
Hit a drive-thru window it’s proly the orange and white
First visit in the evening will carry me through the night
I might have to break some habits but this one’ll never change
I’ve been doin’ these things since I was given my own reins
Got my freedom in the hours that come down after work
And so I keep my time aligned like a button-down shirt
If I could get a DeLorean then I’d ride it on loop
And never have to give alarm clock morning salutes
I find myself so productive when it’s dark in the sky
I open up my Pro Tools and get a sparkling eye
Wishin’ seconds were an hour and a minute a month
While I get in this Fancy Ketchup cause it’s better than Hunts
There’s no rest for the weary I got something to do
So I’m gon keep this slow night until the dawn comes through (huh)

It’s always been this man it ain’t nothin’ new
I only need a couple things I can do what I do
Slow Nights. Fast Food. Slow Nights. Fast Food.

It’s always been this man it ain’t nothin’ new
I only need a couple things I can do what I do
Slow Nights. Fast Food. Slow Nights. Fast Food.

(Verse 2 Big Hush)
When the studio is closin’ in I might have to flip
Or maybe shotgun with G-Bird on a mini road trip
I gotta grip on a Whata-sized Double-C drink
If you’re not on the Third Coast you might not know what I mean
But you can tweet it to your friends and get their answer or somethin’
Just like some cars at a carnival I’ma get the music bumpin’
See cuz that’s the thing I do and how I’m recognized now
Construction crew to a booth, I’m here to wreck the thing out
I’ll spend some time in my (head)phones and jot some words with my pen
And give you something you’ll be feelin’ from beginning to end
Just as simple as that, I’ve got no tricks up my sleeve
Aside from pullin’ up and askin’ for a number 5 please


(Verse 3 A-Breezy)
I remember when I used to always go out
Just to break a record for the liver cells I blow out
Sometimes I just wanna stock up on endorphins, make it slow down
Take a break from all the bull cuz’ I ain’t askin’ for a hoedown
Not that I don’t love the party scene, and scoutin’ for some Barbie queens
But thinking’s always better in the hours that I’m hardly seen
A lot of rappers livin’ from a bottle but that’s hardly me
And that’s why on my side the grass is greener than an army tee
Don’t ask about my plans, I ain’t talkin’ bout nothin’
Had a good week of training, so I’m Taco Bell stuntin’
I may spend a tank of gas and drive my car around bumpin’
Or just down a cup of coffee, burn it while I’m out runnin’
And I could make my way out to this party, try to smash hoes
But honestly I already got a date with Super Smash Bros.
And booked a plottin’ session just to try to boost my cash flow
You partiers’ll still be passin’ out before I crash though


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