Order Up: Texas A-V-E

Well I figured now is a good time to add this one to the “Order Up” posts. Here’s the song that served as the first music video from “Slow Nights. Fast Food.”

This song is called “Texas A-V-E” and if you’ve ever lived in Bryan/College Station, you know how important this road is. Ever since I was old enough to drive I’ve loved cruising Texas Avenue. Not because there are a bunch of hot spots popping off all the time, but because it’s one long, main drag between the twin cities. It makes for a simple drive and I always use it as an excuse to get out of the apartment when I’m going stir crazy, or just to clear my mind if needed. This song has a similar sound to “Welcome to the Presentation” only I’m shouting out streets this time instead of businesses. I’ve always loved making songs about the experience of living in B/CS and I’m so proud of how this one turned out. I was especially happy with how well the High School and College names came together in the third verse.

I had this track ready to put on “Perseverance,” but I did a fan-vote for track selection on that album and this one wasn’t picked. Huge thanks to G-Bird for driving while I got footage from the passenger window, and SHELLZ for filming me during my verses. I wish we had picked a less humid night to roll with the windows down! Editing this vid was a beast. I accidentally shot WAY too much footage and spent two days trying to condense the best stuff into 4 minutes. There are a ton of other signs/places I could’ve thrown in if there was room. This one is for my fellow 979ers! If you cruise Texas Avenue then I hope you’ll blast this from your speakers while you do it!


(Verse 1)
I’m on that avenue and I’m cruisin’ through
In an R-A-M, patriot blue
Been doin’ this here since you-know-who
Made graduation from drivin’ school
My windows downs, my lights are lit
From William J to Dominik
From Highway 6 to Harvey Mitch
If you recognize that you’re a part of this
I’m shinin’ paint, I’m Texas flippin’
I love that T but I don’t mean Lipton
I could pick you up at Holleman
And highly recommend you oughtta get in
We can make a U (turn) back to that
University, make a rendezvous
With the intersect where the plaza blew
But catch the green and stay on the move…

From the B to the CS and the CS back to the B
I’ll be on that Texas A-V-E
Til I’m ridin’ on E, ridin’ on E, ridin’ on E on that A-V-E
From the B to the CS and the CS back to the B
I’ll be on that Texas A-V-E
Til I’m ridin’ on E, ridin’ on E, ridin’ on E on that A-V-E

(Verse 2)
Now I’m a Bryan boy so I’ll slide away
Past Broadmoor and that Mary Lake
Spot Coulter and East 33
See the BPD and I check the gauge
I paved the way and I love the route
When the girls and the rides and the lights are out
Hear a scream and shout no matter north or south
Just burnin’ that gas like a powder now
Crossin’ Old Hearne and keep it rollin’
My A/C is nothin’ but the windows open
Until I see the Highway I’ll keep floatin’
And then spin around and repeat the motion
And head back toward the 21-Junction
CD on blast til the track can’t function
Somethin’ goin’ down in B-Town? I’m huntin’
If you ride the ave then get this bumpin’…


(Verse 3)
Whether you’re in College Station
Whether you reside in Bryan
Whether you’re an Aggie, a Cougar, a Tiger
Whether you’re a Buccaneer, Ranger, or Viking
I wanna see you on this avenue
Lookin’ like you wanna be there, not havin’ to
Otherwise I’m gonna be a little mad at you
Come out here and dip in it like a can of stew, uh
Screens lit and the speakers bumpin’
In the foreign, domestic, or next-to-nothin’
With the rims, or the hubs, or the caps, or somethin’
Doesn’t matter what you got if you got it jumpin’
I’ve been here for a couple of decades
And gonna be here for a couple of more
And everytime I hop in my ride
I’m gonna hit the avenue until the gas tank needs more…


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